Our Story  

Toddy Simpson developed the first cold brewed coffee brewing system and his son, Strother, and partner, Brett Holmes, helped spark the cold brewed coffee revolution. Since Simpson's invention in 1964, the cold brewed process has become the coffeehouse standard for fashioning signature iced coffee drinks. 

In 2009, our beverage development group was acquired by one of the world's largest coffeebean roasters and tealeaf blenders. In 2010, our brewing equipment group was acquired by a private group based in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Although we're no longer affiliated with either company, in 2015, we decided to get the band back together.   

Along with Deepak Bajaj and Brad Miller, we formed an Austin-based joint venture, and introduced our own cold brewed coffee concoctions—a ridiculously original bottled ready-to-drink called Coffee Juice, and Strother's Brewed Coldan absurdly delicious, triple strength cold brewed coffee extract.

We also formed a new venture to, once again, develop and produce coffee, tea, and botanical beverages and ingredient flavorings for third-party brands.

Please drop us a line and let us know if we can assist you in any way.


—Strother and Brett




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