The Toddy Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

(Excerpts from television broadcast feature) 

Say 'cold coffee,' and most say 'yuck,' unless it's an ice blended drink. But a little known brewing system that's been around for forty years, is now growing in popularity for making both hot and cold coffee. The Toddy Coffee Maker is a low tech, cold-brewing system that reduces both caffeine and acid through it's cold brewing process. 

Take a pound of your favorite ground beans, fill with container cold water and let 'brew' overnight. In the morning, let the 'brewed' coffee drain through a special filter, and the result: a rich, satisfying coffee concentrate. Just add half to a third water or milk - either hot or cold, depending on taste. In addition, The Toddy also can brew tea. 

With 54 million Americans suffering from heartburn, this brewing system can help those who get an upset stomach from too much acid produced by coffee. Another bonus - No burnt, stale office coffee. Just store the coffee concentrate carafe in your refrigerator. It will keep fresh for up to two weeks. 

The Toddy Coffee Maker sells for about $35. Found at Cost Plus Markets, Seattle's Best Coffee cafes, and many other coffee and gourmet kitchen stores, and on line at The Toddy Coffee Maker - a true food find.

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