Toddy - Does cold brewing deliver a better cup of coffee

Cold brewing with the Toddy promises a milder cup of java with less acidity and caffeine. Steep a full pound of coffee in 9 cups of cold water for 10 to 12 hours and you end up with a carafe of coffee concentrate that can be diluted with hot water for a cup of coffee or ice for iced coffee. We found the Toddy very easy to use, but what about the coffee? Could it compete with traditional brews? We invited coffee aficionados and novices into the test kitchen to find out. 

Nearly all tasters noted the even, balanced flavor of the cold-brewed coffee. That mildness was either received as a pleasant break from coffee's usual bitterness or frowned upon as "kiddy coffee" or "coffee on training wheels." A few tasters felt they could drink this milder brew without the milk and sugar they use to tame regular coffee. Because the Toddy produces enough concentrate to make sixty-four 4-ounce cups of hot coffee, we tested its staying power. Sealed in its airtight carafe, the concentrate was still producing clean-tasting coffee after six weeks. 

While many tasters liked the mild-mannered coffee produced by the Toddy, most said they would still prefer to make a fresh pot every morning. However, iced coffee enthusiasts or coffee drinkers looking for an exceptionally mellow brew will find the Toddy pretty appealing.

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